What to do when you feel “the whole universe” is trying to sabotage your initial intention?

As any regular Wednesday evening I jumped into my car ready to enjoy one of my favorite yoga classes. What makes it my favorite? The instructor! I always try to get there a few minutes earlier so I can get a good spot and start getting center for my class.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do this routine because the lady who was teaching the previous class apparently decided to expand her class a few extra minutes. Finally, I went in and notice she wasn’t leaving. Immediately I knew Kevin, my yoga instructor, was not coming. For a second I thought in leaving but I talk myself out of it saying, “you are already here so give it a try”. So I did.  Sadly, I have to confess that for about 15 minutes my mind overtook my initial intention of enjoying my yoga class.  I found myself saying thinks like “Men, She is not that good” Really, that exercise?  Gosh, I am just wasting my time! If I burn one calorie with this exercises I will be lucky”. 

Needless to say, that wasn’t my favorite yoga class, and not because the instructor “was not good”, but because the attitude I brought to the class. I became aware of my negative thoughts and victim behavior right away. After years of working on myself, awareness is a skill I have really mastered.  I told myself repeatedly “stop thinking that way”, just enjoy the class”, give her a chance, etc.  Finally, after 15 minutes I was able to laser coach myself and enjoy the rest 45 minutes of class.


What to do when you feel “the whole universe” is trying to sabotage your initial intention?

As always, everything starts with being aware of your thoughts. If you have been working in knowing yourself better, probably you will be able to notice the victim, negative or angry thoughts around the situation. If this is hard for you, don’t worry. Another way to increase awareness is by paying attention to your physical body. How is the situation making you feel? Do you feel like someone kicked you in the stomach? Are your hands sweaty? Is your heart beating fast? Whatever it is that you feel, pay complete attention to that sensation and then ask yourself, why I am experimenting these sensations? What are the thoughts behind them? What actions am I choosing to do based on these thoughts?

Once you have identified the thought then it is time to take responsibility. Have an honest conversation with yourself and evaluate, how are those thoughts and behaviors supporting my initial intention? How true is it that the “entire universe” is trying to sabotage my intention? Remember that our first instinct is to always blame or put the responsibility in others.

Finally, challenge yourself to act and think differently. Think about a strategy that can support your initial intention. In the case of my yoga class, while having the conversation with myself, I came to a point of choosing. Leave and be okay with that decision, or stay and use the class to practice enjoying the now. After all, maybe the universe wanted me to increase my practice of the now versus just having a great yoga class.  The moment I created the intention of practicing the now, not only I enjoyed the rest of the class, which was my original intention, but also, I felt proud of not staying in my “victim / poor me attitude”.

Share with others what strategies have worked for you to challenge yourself and overcome staying in your “victim mode”?

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