Unveiling Your Power… What In The World Does That Mean?

Hello, I am Jessica and I want to share with you my passion to help women unveil their power so they can get real, and powerfully pursue their life from a place of confidence and ease. So what in the world does that mean?

Close your eyes for a few seconds and think about your family. Focus your attention on the emotions that are showing up. What words came to you? Perhaps you thought about happiness, connectedness, or maybe you felt angry, abandoned, or betrayed. Play with me and imagine placing a very translucent veil for every word or feeling you thought of. Repeat the same process, but now think about a relationship that didn’t work in your life. What feelings are present? One more time place a translucent veil for every word or feeling you contemplated. How clearly do you think you can see through, now that you have placed all those veils in front of you? At the beginning it was probably difficult to see through them, but after some time your eyes will adjust, and this will become your natural way of seeing. Unconsciously, what you have done is create your own “reality” about what a family and relationships look like. So no matter what happens all you can see is that “reality”.

As human beings we go through life judging every experience we have based on right and wrong or good and bad that, all of a sudden, we have placed so many veils in front of us that we can no longer distinguish reality from perception. The good news is that you can remove those veils and rediscover what life really looks like. By choosing to unveil yourself, you will break free from all the false VEIL’s:

Voices inside your head
Erroneous assumptions
Limiting beliefs

When you choose to unveil yourself, you will find your voice, you will have the clarity to know what you really want for your life, and you will have the power to pursue it with ease and confidence. Go for it! After all, the only risk you may have is creating a fantastic life for yourself and the people around you.

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