It is amazing when you wake up and rediscover yourself with your life, dreams and purpose. This is what my coach Jessica helped me find again. When I decided to undertake this new idea of coaching, I found myself fighting for a past that I though was my complete happiness. Therefore, I was not able to enjoy new life experiences and sadly I didn’t have the ability to see the benefits of them. I had lost confidence in everything and everyone; I was about to get a divorce, and all of these as a result of prejudices created through my life, misinterpreted learning, and unwarranted assumptions that harmed not only me but all those around me, specially those I love the most.

After working hard, with the help of Jessica, and the determination to find a solution to all these feelings, I found again the way of the future I want to build for my life. I met again with my friend/boyfriend I so much missed, improved my family relationships and most importantly, now I am able to give the best of me to my son.

~ Alma, Houston, TX

I came to Jessica because I was tired of feeling lost, frustrated, insecure, angry and alone. She helped me stop making excuses, confront my fears and stop playing the victim role. Working with her allowed me to have clarity around who I am, what I really want for my life and be confident in all my decisions. I improved the relationship with my mother and those around me, but most of all I recovered the relationship with myself!

~ Lydia, Madrid, Spain

Taking the Life Engagement-Index was a complete eye-opener for me. Jessica was able to pinpoint all the destructive patterns and unconscious thoughts I have been carrying around for years, and therefore, impacting the way I lived my life. Just having this information in front of me, allowed me to start taking immediate responsibility and action, to engage in the things that will help me feel happy and fulfill.  I can say that I immediately saw a positive shift in the relationship with my husband.

~ Sandra, Houston, TX

When I started working with Jessica I was looking for something – a path, a tool, a strategy – that would connect me with my family, my friends, my colleagues and especially with myself!. I was living mostly in frustration, occasional anger and self-doubt.
As I started working with her, a wonderful career opportunity materialized so we decided to focus on work issues. Armed with amazing coaching tools and a relentless drive she helped me find and overcome the underlying barriers that had prevented me from developing my potential. Many of those issues were hiding in plain sight but Jessica’s professionalism, empathy and her ability to truly listen to others made the process a wonderful journey of self-discovery.
After each session we put in practice simple but effective strategies that resulted in step changes in creativity, productivity, teamwork and self-confidence. And even though we didn’t focus on family, love and friendship, those changes immediately permeated into those areas of my life with equally amazing results.
I extended my coaching sessions beyond our original plan and I look forward to continue working with her to grow and discover things that I never knew I would be able to achieve.

~ Diego, Houston, TX