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The Life Engagement Index (LE-Index)

Discover if you are allowing yourself to live a fully engaged life to have the life you want and deserve, and what to do about it if you are not, with my proven Life Engagement Index.

The Life Engagement Index (LE-Index), developed by Bruce Scheneider, PhD, is an attitudinal test that measures your Energetic Self-Perception. This assessment will show you how the way you have chosen to engage in your life is determining the quality of relationships in your life, how you are experiencing life on a daily basis and finally, how the way you react under stress is stopping you from putting your own needs first and creating the balance you want in your life

What is included:
  • One Life Engagement Index Assessment
  • 60-minute follow up session to analyze your results

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One-on-one Individualized Coaching Sessions

Single sessions are not available, however a complementary discovery session for committed women can be made by emailing :

Remove the Veils From Your Life… and Move Your Life From Fine to Fantastic!

Do you find yourself over committing, being overly nice with everyone and constantly saying, “Oh, it’s fine”? In these 10 sessions, I will walk you through my signature system, “6 Steps to Stop Faking “It’s Fine”, and Live the Powerful Life YOU Want.” This proven system will help you unveil and release all your unwanted baggage (old beliefs, fears, attitudes) that traps you in the  “nice” and “yes-mode” syndromes, to finally become confident about yourself and your decisions, and put a plan in action to start creating the vision for yourself and the life you want to live.

What is included:
  • 10- One on one coaching sessions via phone or skype, 50 minutes each
  • Unlimited emails to support you in between calls

Unveil Your Power and Become the Master of Your Life!

This package will cover all the powerful transformational tools of the Removing the Veils of Your “It’s Fine” Lifestyle package. Additionally, this package continues to teach you how to embody an embrace the lessons learned, and prevents reverting back to old patterns that may impact your internal peace and happiness. These sessions enable you to start living a life without veils, creating a balanced life with increased vitality allowing you to have healthier relationships, less stress, higher confidence, and better time management, while continuing creating the life you love.

What is included:
  • Life Engagement Assessment + 60 minutes debrief session (value $199)
  • 20- One on one coaching sessions via phone or skype, 50 minutes each
  • Unlimited emails to support you in between calls


Group Coaching

→ More exciting group courses coming soon! Contact me If you are interested in having a group tailored to your specific needs.