What to do when you feel “the whole universe” is trying to sabotage your initial intention?


As any regular Wednesday evening I jumped into my car ready to enjoy one of my favorite yoga classes. What makes it my favorite? The instructor! I always try to get there a few minutes earlier so I can get a good spot and start getting center for my class.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do this routine because the lady who was teaching the previous class apparently decided to expand her class a few extra minutes. Finally, I went in and notice she wasn’t leaving. Immediately I knew Kevin, my yoga instructor, was not coming. For a second I thought in leaving but I talk myself out of it saying, “you are already here so give it a try”. So I did.  Sadly, I have to confess that for about 15 minutes my mind overtook my initial intention of enjoying my yoga class.  I found myself saying thinks like


7 Different Ways of Using the Powerful Two-Letter Word

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These past weeks a handful of my clients experienced challenges around when to use this word so I decided to write this blog in case you too are struggling around this issue. This two-letter word better know as NO can be very frightening to many people. The reasons are simple, we do not want to feel rejected, be disliked or get in trouble. Consequently, we live life accepting “deals” that do not nurture us and go against our values and what it is important for us.  But the magic that happens when you stand in your truth and say NO is invaluable.  Here are seven ways to say no to things that are not a priority in your life. Delay your response – Instead of feeling the pressure of giving an answer right away, stop and tell the other person you will have to check with them later. This will


Happy New Year!


I hope you had a fantastic Christmas in company of all your loved ones, and created many memorable experiences to remember. As you recuperate from Christmas your mind may be wondering about New Years and the “closing” of the year. New Year is one of my favorite holidays. It gives a huge space to reflect, create, let go off things and get ready to welcome the New Year. My family is big in traditions so every New Year we do the following traditions / rituals: On the last 12 seconds of the year, we eat one grape per second counting down the year, giving thanks and asking for what we want. As you can imagine this can be quite challenging and fun at the same time. After the grapes, we spend the next few minutes hugging, kissing, thanking and wishing all the best among all of us. – Probably my


5 Simple Steps to Increase Your Motivation Around Things that Matter!


  For no particular reason, I have had a hard time getting the motivation to work today. As always, I started my regular routine. Woke up, meditated, had breakfast, got ready, and got to work. It wasn’t long, after I noticed I was jumping back and forth between checking emails and looking at social media. We all have been there right? There is days that it seems we simply cannot get the energy to do what is important to us.   I want to share with you 5 simple steps that will effectively work in boosting your motivation. Recognize your behavior. You know yourself! If you notice you have been “working” for “X” amount of time and nothing in your to do list has been check, then you know your motivation is low. Be comfortable around change. Don’t waste time “punishing” yourself for not following your routine. Instead, be comfortable


The Road to my Independence…


And boy, did it take some work! This is probably one of my favorite Holidays to celebrate. Seriously, what can be more important than to celebrate freedom? I love seeing people getting together and celebrating the feeling of joy, thankfulness and accomplishment that independence brings. But the main reason I love this day is because I also celebrate the independence from my false self.  And boy, did it take some work!   Dictionary.com defines independence as: 1. the state or quality of being independent. 2. freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others. I remember questioning myself, sitting in yet another empowering workshop, why was I not happy with my life if “everything looks fine”? I mean I didn’t experience any “real” pain accordingly to society; not sexually or physically abused, not a victim of a major illness, not a foster child, you name it.  But yet I was feeling lonely, in pain, and constantly used by everyone. I cannot


Be Aware of the Voices Inside Your Head!

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It is time to discuss the last of the Big 4 energy blocks. If you’re not achieving what you want to, it’s most likely one of these four that’s keeping you stuck. We have looked at the veil of limiting beliefs – things that you accept about life, about yourself, about your world, or about the people in it, that limit you in some way; the veil of assumptions – expectations that, because something has happened in the past, it will happen again; and finally the veil of interpretations – opinions and judgments that you create about an event, situation, person, or experience and believe to be true. It is now time to examine the last, but certainly not the least, of the big four energy blocks. The final block we’ll talk about – the voices inside your head – is the most difficult to overcome, because it’s the most


Challenging Your Interpretations

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Hello ladies, I hope you had big “aha” moments looking at the veil of limiting beliefs and the veil of assumptions. Is your life already feeling a little bit lighter? I am certainly hope so! So lets get ready to look at the third of the 4 energy blocks that keep you stuck and prevent you from achieving what you want to in your life. Let’s look at the veil of interpretations. When you interpret something, you create an opinion about an event, situation, or experience. In essence, you create an explanation and then look for evidence to support its validity. When you make an interpretation, you don’t even see that other explanations exist. In actuality, though, an interpretation often represents only one viewpoint among the many that are possible. Your interpretations hold a strong energetic charge, which affects your emotions and actions. If you believe your viewpoint of a


Stop the Past Controlling Your Future

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Last time we explored the veil of limiting beliefs, the first of the “Big 4” energy blocks which prevent us from making conscious choices and reaching our potential.  Let’s take a look now at another one of those blocks – the veil of assumptions. An assumption is a belief that is based on the premise that because something happened in the past, it is automatically going to happen again. When you make choices based on your assumptions, you are letting the past control the future. Assumptions hold you back, because when you already “know” that something won’t work, you probably won’t even consider doing it. Even if you do attempt it, you won’t have a lot of energy for, or be engaged in, what you’re doing, since you don’t really believe it can work. When you hold on to your assumptions, you miss out on many possibilities. Imagine this scenario:


Unveil Your Limiting Beliefs and Get Lighter!

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In previous issues, we have discussed Self-Fate and how, because we are making choices based on our past experiences, we cannot change our future unless the control of the past is removed. Now is time to learn to make conscious choices, choices that are made in the present moment, without all the emotional “veils” we have carry around. You can think of those veils as the “Big 4” energy blocks that we carry around with us that dictate how we see the world and that hold us back reaching our unlimited potential. The first veil contains your limiting beliefs. Beliefs can either help you or hinder you; limiting beliefs are those that hold you back from success. If you do not believe something is possible, you’re not likely to attempt it. Even if you do attempt it, you won’t devote much energy to achieving that goal. Limiting beliefs are general


Making choices with confidence

Unveil Your Power - Choices

Last time we talked about the high price of being Mrs. Nice. Today we will focus on how to break free from the Mrs. Nice and Yes-mode Syndromes. Lets reflect for a few minutes. Are you constantly saying sorry for everything you do? Do you find it difficult to say “No” to others and “Yes” to you? Do you spend a lot of time finding the right words not to upset people? Do you go out of your way to get approval from others? Do you find yourself apologizing to others, even when they did something wrong towards you? If you answered yes to these questions, I would dare to say you are trapped in the Mrs. Nice and Yes-mode syndromes. As you already know, the first step is to recognize how you are acting and evaluate if that is working well for you. If it is not working for