7 Different Ways of Using the Powerful Two-Letter Word

These past weeks a handful of my clients experienced challenges around when to use this word so I decided to write this blog in case you too are struggling around this issue.

This two-letter word better know as NO can be very frightening to many people. The reasons are simple, we do not want to feel rejected, be disliked or get in trouble. Consequently, we live life accepting “deals” that do not nurture us and go against our values and what it is important for us.  But the magic that happens when you stand in your truth and say NO is invaluable.  Here are seven ways to say no to things that are not a priority in your life.

  1. Delay your response – Instead of feeling the pressure of giving an answer right away, stop and tell the other person you will have to check with them later. This will give you time to evaluate the situation and come to a decision you will not regret later.
  2.  Give an alternative – You don’t have to say either “yes” or “no”. Propose an alternative to the request that could be a win-win for both parties.
  3.  Validate the other person – Actively listen and let them know you understood and listened to their request; however you are still unable to fulfill their request. People who feel validated take no for an answer in a much positive way. If possible, you could add a different alternative for that person.
  4.  Don’t get trapped in small commitments– In my opinion this is the most dangerous and damaging if not used with caution. If you know you promised yourself to go to the gym today and then a colleague, a friend or a family member ask you for a favor that can be done in a later time or by some other person, simply say “I am sorry but today is not a good day for me”.  Honor your word and put yourself first. This will avoid future anger and resentments towards the other person.
  5.  Evaluate the situation– Ask yourself: by saying no, what is the consequence I will have? By saying yes, what is the consequence I will have? Then choose the best answer for you.
  6.  No is a sufficient answer– You do not have to give explanations as of why you are choosing to say no. Like it has been said many times “NO is a complete sentence”.
  7.  Practice makes perfect– Practice, practice, practice. Start by choosing to say no to “easy” things in your life.  Do you always agree with your family, significant other or friends where to go to dinner, even when you do not like the place? Start by saying no and offering an alternative solution. You will be surprise the easier it becomes once you start practicing.
Unveil Your Power: Create a goal with yourself as of how many times would you practice any of the strategies to say no mentioned above in the next 7 days. Feel free to share anything that comes up for you.






















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