5 Simple Steps to Increase Your Motivation Around Things that Matter!


For no particular reason, I have had a hard time getting the motivation to work today. As always, I started my regular routine. Woke up, meditated, had breakfast, got ready, and got to work. It wasn’t long, after I noticed I was jumping back and forth between checking emails and looking at social media. We all have been there right? There is days that it seems we simply cannot get the energy to do what is important to us.


I want to share with you 5 simple steps that will effectively work in boosting your motivation.

  1. Recognize your behavior. You know yourself! If you notice you have been “working” for “X” amount of time and nothing in your to do list has been check, then you know your motivation is low.
  2. Be comfortable around change. Don’t waste time “punishing” yourself for not following your routine. Instead, be comfortable with rearranging the activities of your day. Perhaps you will have to put some extra effort the following day, and that is okay.
  3. Engage in something different. What is the point of continuing “working” if you are not accomplishing anything, or is taking you twice the time it would usually take you? Simply stop the activity you are doing and either choose to do something different you need to do that doesn’t require a lot of effort, or simply take a brake.
  4. Recharge your body. Don’t just sit around and do nothing! Otherwise your level of energy will keep dropping, making it harder for you to get motivated. Instead dance to a good song, take a walk, cook something new, exercise or choose to do anything you know will recharge your body.
  5. Recharge your mind. Get out of autopilot and get in synchrony with the passion and love of what you do.   Remind yourself the benefits you are giving yourself and providing others when accomplishing your work.


If you do not have something in place to boost your motivation, I invite you to try these 5 simple steps. Have something in place? Share with us, how do you increase your motivation?





  1. Glad to know I’m not the only one that has problems with getting motivated sometimes. I like reson #2. It’s nice to know we don’t have to fit to an exact schedule that we can be flexible with our time and still accomplish the same results.

  2. Change is so BIG in holding people back. I find myself getting tied up in knots over the word. Then I saw the word change to CHARGE and it made me relax. Funny how that happens. Reading that I can “Recharge my mind and body” made it feel so much better. I have to remember the positive in change. Good reminder.

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