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What to do when you feel “the whole universe” is trying to sabotage your initial intention?

As any regular Wednesday evening I jumped into my car ready to enjoy one of my favorite yoga classes. What makes it my favorite? The instructor! I always try to get there a few minutes earlier so I can get a good spot and start getting center for my class.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do this routine because the lady who was teaching the previous class apparently decided to expand her class a few extra minutes. Finally, I went in and notice she wasn’t leaving. Immediately I knew Kevin, my yoga instructor, was not coming. For a second I thought in leaving but I talk myself out of it saying, “you are already here so give it a try”. So I did.  Sadly, I have to confess that for about 15 minutes my mind overtook my initial intention of enjoying my yoga class.  I found myself saying thinks like […]