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Unveil Your Limiting Beliefs and Get Lighter!

In previous issues, we have discussed Self-Fate and how, because we are making choices based on our past experiences, we cannot change our future unless the control of the past is removed. Now is time to learn to make conscious choices, choices that are made in the present moment, without all the emotional “veils” we have carry around. You can think of those veils as the “Big 4” energy blocks that we carry around with us that dictate how we see the world and that hold us back reaching our unlimited potential. The first veil contains your limiting beliefs. Beliefs can either help you or hinder you; limiting beliefs are those that hold you back from success. If you do not believe something is possible, you’re not likely to attempt it. Even if you do attempt it, you won’t devote much energy to achieving that goal. Limiting beliefs are general […]